A piece of beauty as part of your charm. Please find your own jewelry at Jewelry Iinuma Co., Ltd.



Our strength

We are able to make the customer's request exactly as it is by conducting manufacturing and sales consistently.
We also sell wholesale, so we can sell our products at a lower price than other stores because we do not use intermediaries.
All of our employees will strive to be a company that sells original products at low prices and delivers the highest value and satisfaction to our customers.

Business as a manufacturer

・In-house planning
・Product design
・Manufacturing of products
・Sales Promotion
・Store support

Business as a wholesaler

・Purchase of product materials
・Sales Promotion
・Store support
・Export sales

Differences from jewelry stores

regular jewelry sales
Our case
High quality by in-house production

As we manufacture our products in-house, we are able to express the customer's wishes in a tangible form.
From prototype production to finishing, we strictly manage and maintain high quality.
We are always looking for new materials, techniques, and manufacturing methods to create original products for our customers.
The firm attitude of its employees is one of the factors that increase the product value of high jewelry.

Pride as High Jewelery

Even if you make it as your own product, it doesn't make any sense if it's low quality. 
At our company, we listen carefully to the opinions of our customers, listen to their thoughts, and offer high-quality products at low prices through our own sales without using intermediaries and volume discounts.