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Aiming to create products that meet a variety of needs.

We plan and propose products that can meet the diverse needs of our customers. In particular, regarding OEM production, from design development to delivery, our sales representatives take the lead in responding to customer requests, and we strive to create products that fully reflect the opinions of our customers. 
In addition, regarding the procurement of diamonds and precious stones, we are doing our best to improve quality and reduce costs by directly purchasing volume zones from overseas. 
All employees will continue to improve quality and cost performance for the smile of our customers.

Representative Director 
Ryoji Iinuma

Company Profile

Company name

 Jewelry Iinuma Co., Ltd.


 〒400-0854 363-4 Nakaogwaramachi, Kofu City, Yamanashi


 +81 055-241-1751  

Business content

 Manufacture and sale of jewelry and precious metals


 January 1985


Representative Director : Ryoji Iinuma
Director :  Yuko Iinuma

Number of employees

 16 (as of August 2020)

Main bank

Mizuho Bank Kofu Branch
Yamanashi Chuo Bank Jonan Branch
Kofu Shinkin Bank South Branch
Shoko Chukin Bank Kofu Branch
Yamanashi Shinkin Bank South Branch
(honorifics omitted, rank immutable)
This time, we have been certified as an excellent health management company in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Basic principle

Basic principle

We will always create new value and contribute to the provision of valuable products through interaction with people and nature.

Management policy

We provide products that are trusted and satisfied by our customers.
We will increase corporate value and promise open management.
We strive to create lively workplaces where each employee can maximize their creativity and enthusiasm.

Behavioral guidelines

Cultivate rich creativity and constantly strive for self-improvement. 
We provide products that satisfy our customers through quality improvement and technology. 
Inheriting good traditions, we will steadily respond to ever-changing user needs with agile actions.

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