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Event Planning

Event that satisfies customers

We have an in-house integrated process, so we can do projects that other companies cannot.
We can respond to various projects such as manufacturer direct sales leaflets, jewelry events, DM events, etc.
The manufacturer's direct sales leaflet is renewed about once a year, and has a wide variety of trendy jewelry at reasonable prices.
It has been very well received not only by customers, but also by retail stores as an approach to acquire new customers and reach out to dormant customers.

Flow until the event

At our company, in preparation for the event, we will have a detailed meeting with the retail store about the price setting, multiplication rate, product requests, price range, etc. 
Our sales staff will basically visit you and serve customers during the exhibition period. Depending on the budget and scale, it is also possible to dispatch two sales people. 
Please feel free to contact us.

Standard plan lineup

Manufacturer direct sale leaflet
「Premium Jewelry Marche」

Manufacturer direct sale leaflet
「What's up Jewelry」

3 types limited special price DM

Premium Jewelry Marche

Because we sell directly from the manufacturer, we can offer all products at reasonable prices. 
A wide range of items are posted, from low-price daily items to diamond volume lines. 
In addition, since many products using rare stones are also posted, it is easier to approach heavy users.

What's up Jewelry

Because we sell directly from the manufacturer, we can offer all products at reasonable prices. 
It is an effective flyer for new development because the number and varieties of daily specials are substantial. 
In addition, one of the attractions is that there are 207 items listed, which is very voluminous. 
From standard designs to trendy products, it is a flyer that has been published a lot.

3 types limited special price DM「GOOD CHOICE」

For this DM product, only 3 products will be posted at a special price with a limited number. 
I made it so that the customer who received it could feel "special". 
It is also the best DM for digging up dormant customers.