A piece of beauty as part of your charm. Please find your own jewelry at Jewelry Iinuma Co., Ltd.


Wholesale・Trading Company

We are able to make the customer's request exactly as it is by conducting manufacturing and sales consistently.
We also do wholesale, so we can sell our products at a lower price than other stores because we do not use intermediaries.
All of our employees will strive to be a company that sells original products at low prices and delivers the highest value and satisfaction to our customers.

Flow to completion


We will listen to your opinions about what you want to make, and conduct hearings to give shape to your thoughts.
At our company, we handle everything in-house, so we can respond flexibly according to the situation, such as design and manufacturing that are difficult for other companies.
If you have any dissatisfaction or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will listen to your opinion until the end and do our best to respond.

Design revitalization

The designer will create a design according to the opinions we heard during the planning process.
Based on this design drawing, craftsmen will embody their thoughts one by one.


Casting, polishing, stone setting, and finishing are all done in-house.
It is also where the skill of craftsmen is tested the most. 


As a final step to deliver the product to the customer, we check the degree of completion according to the quality standards. 
We will check not only for scratches, but also for comfort. This work is essential for the high quality that we recommend with confidence.


Based on the above processes, our high-quality jewelry is completed. 
The concentration of craftsmanship that takes time and effort creates the brilliance of a single piece of high jewelry.